Financial Foundations

Financial Foundations Program

Financial Foundations is a three-month program designed to ground you in your current financial state and plan for your short-term future. Together, we’ll strengthen core elements of your finances so you have a sound base to build upon. We’ll demystify some of the myths and taboos that surround money (especially talking about money!) and bring clarity to your personal financial goals. 

At the end of the Financial Foundations program, you’ll be able to:

You’ll receive consistent support  along the way:



"Mary excels at gently helping you explore the "why" of your current financial life, then bringing your money into alignment with your real values. She's an encouraging, empathetic, effective coach who offers meaningful, practical insights in every session."

-Amy M.

"Mary helped me figure out how to get this hot mess express wagon turned around. I am now more centered in the bigger picture rather than living life in the moment. Mary pairs her financial logic with mindset and spirituality which has really helped me to meet my goals."

-Jen C

"In addition to helping us get into the "green" with our monthly budget (a HUGE WIN in itself!), Mary helped me realize that I'd been operating from a scarcity mindset when it came to our finances. By identifying goals and defining plans, we're making progress toward abundance. Part of the problem with finances is they often seem so complicated, daunting, and overwhelming. Mary breaks it all down and walks you through every step. I never felt like I was biting off more than I could chew (and if I did start to, Mary gently reminded me not to). Besides having detailed steps, just having a financial "accountability buddy" helped a ton. Mary really creates a judgement-free zone where you can talk honestly about finances. She'll remind you that things like bank statements and credit scores are "moral neutral"—they have no reflection on who you are as a person. By removing the shame and stigma from finances, Mary helps you see a lot more opportunities."

-Laura O